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Q: What is a Prayer Path?
A: The Prayer Path ™ is a series of thirteen signs when placed in a certain sequence leads a person through a series of suggested prayer topics. Using the acrostic A.C.T.S. , the Prayer Path ™ has three suggested subtopics for Adoration, Confession, Supplication, and Thanksgiving. An individual when they pass by one of the signs will read the sign, and then pray to God upon that specific topic, until as they walk or run, they reach the next sign. At the next sign, the indivudal then repeats the process using the new suggested topic. As each new day brings new thoughts, events and concerns, every day walking on the Prayer Path ™ can bring a new rewarding experience and new opportunity to talk with God.

Q: Why do we need one?
A: Most of us lead very, busy active lives with constant multiple demands on our time. In spite of the fact that we know we should pray often during the day, other things hold our attention and as a result our prayer lives are less than they could be. The Prayer Path ™ was designed to simply remind and encourage both people who already pray on a regular basis as well as other individuals who perhaps are new to prayer that God indeed does want t have a relationship with them, and is waiting to hear their voice. When placed along paths or locations where people frequently walk, run, or congreagate, the Prayer Path ™ can silently, yet effectively encourage an individual to pray for whatever is on their mind at that moment. When people return again and again to the Prayer Path ™, it is our hope that individuals can receive the benefits of prayer, perhaps turning prayer into a habit, and also gain the physical benefits of walking or jogging between the signs.

Q: Where should I install one?
A: There really is no limit to places where a Prayer Path ™ can be installed. Anywhere people walk, or run or even just congregate is a good location. In neighborhoods, individual families can each put a neighborhood sign on the bottom of their mailboxes to create a Neighborhood Prayer Path ™. Can you imagine the impact that could potentially have on improved marriages, children, finances, and health concerns? Other people want to see them in church locations, where they can be put outside to created a measured walking path, by athlethic fields, or even in refelection gardens. Some urban churches can even put them up on their wroght iron fences that surround their property to encourage passerbys to pray and perhaps even visit their church. Schools and universities can install them by sidewalks that cross their campuses as well in athletic stadiums and track facilities. Retirement communities and hospitals can place them outside along sidewalks to encourage both physical and spiritual exercise. they of course could be placed in reflection areas as well. Apartment communities and camps and campgrounds could do the same thing. Many people have suggested public parks as sites as well. Our praying hands with or without the specific Biblical verse reference point can fill the here. Prayer Paths ™ make ideal Boy Scout projects as they are inexpensive to do, do require some physical labor and can have lasting impact on both the boy and the people who will utilize the path. For those sites that are serving or want to serve indiviudals that do not speak English, they can install a Prayer Path ™ with English signs on one side and Spanish or another language signs on the other side of the posts.


Q: Why the different sizes and versions?
A: We have different sizes and versions to serve different needs. The smaller design was created to primarily go in neighborhoods where size and cost needs are lower. The larger designs were created for commerical public installations where customization, usage and subsequentially durability needs were higher. Both designs were optimized for shipping efficiency for easy shipment domestically and internationally. They also were both designed for eas installation as well.

Q: How can I get one in my local park or school system?
A: That is a great idea. To get Prayer Paths ™ into your local park or school area, you may want to offer them a Prayer Path ™ with praying hands inside the circles and without the specific Bible verse reference (i.e. Psalm 25:4-5). The actual Bible verse can either still remain or it can be removed as well. Although not perferred, by installing a path in this manner however, you should be able to avoid offending the few citizens who might otherwise raise objections, and the vasy majority of citizens will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the Prayer Path ™. You may want to donate a Prayer Path ™ to your community park in this way. Doing so in this fashion would not use public funds.

Q: Can I purchase a Prayer Path ™ with a different langage other than English?
A: Yes. The Commercial Prayer Path ™ can be customized in a number of languages. At this time, unfortunately the Neighborhood Prayer Path ™ is not. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

Q: How are they installed?
A: The Neighborhood Prayer Path ™ is typically installed either by using commercially available pan head phillips screws.

The Commercial Prayer Path ™ is typically installed in a standalone environment using 8' tall, 4" x 4" posts. Post holes are dug into the ground, and the posts are secured in the ground with concrete. The Prayer Path ™ signs are attached to the posts using stainless steel fasteners.
The Commercial Prayer Path ™ can also be installed on fences using various stainless steel hardware alternatives. Contact us for your specific needs.

Q: How are they tax deductable?
A: Purchasing and then donating a Prayer Path ™ to your favorite non profit charity, institution or agency should result in your ability to take a charitable deduction on your tax returns. Check with your accountant or tax preparer to see if you would be eligble.

Q: I do not need to be reminded to pray.  Why would I want to put a Pray America magnet on my car or invest in a Prayer Path?

A:It may well be true that you are one of the few people that does not need to be reminded to pray continually.  However, for most people that is not the case.  Putting a Prayer Magnet on your car or in your place of work or investing in a Prayer Path has at least three benefits.  First, both products reminds OTHERS of their need for God and to pray.  You will never know perhaps until heaven how many people prayed after they saw your vehicle.  More importantly, you may not discover until heaven the benefits of those prayers.  Who knows, they might even ask God to bless you because you cared about others and had the courage to display the magnet.  The more times both nonbeliever and believer alike are reminded of God's presence each day, the more likely lives and perhaps even this country can be turned around.  Non believers and even many weak Christians however will not see how important this is, and of course will not invest in products that engage and remind people of God's presence.  It is up to the strong, mature, courageous Christian to recognize this opportunity and act to make the difference.

The second important benefit of putting a Prayer Magnet on your car and/or investing in a Prayer Path is that none of us knows what the Holy Spirit is doing in each of our lives.  A researcher once said that 90% of all people are hurting in some way.  If that is true, there are a lot of people out there that need to know God in a more intimate way. You can not tell if a person you do not know is on the verge of giving their life over to Jesus Christ, or is having trouble with their marriage, children, job, finances, parents or their health.  God knows however.  He wants us to call out to him.  One Prayer Path location that was installed outside a commercial business at a busy intersection testified that they have received phone calls from strangers driving in circles around the building just so that they could read all the signs.  Some would call crying on the phone thanking the business for placing the signs out in public.  Again, not until heaven will you perhaps know how many hundred or thousands of lives you helped changed because of your investment.

A third important benefit is that as you know God and his word is under attack in this country.  The ten commandments have been taken out of government buildings.  Prayer has been taken out of schools.  Is our country better off spiritually and morally than it was ten, twenty, thirty years ago?  Of course not.  One of the last few bastions left to display God's word is on personal property such as automobiles or homes, businesses that individuals own, and of course the grounds of our churches, and Christian schools.  Is it not curious that most churches do not display God's word on the outside of their buildings, either on their athletic fields or even near the road in front of the building?  Many churches have 30,000 to 100,000 cars go by their facility every day!  Most nonbelievers have not stepped foot inside a church, read the Bible, listened to Christian radio, watched Christian television, or read Christian publications, yet they will drive by a facility or wait in traffic in front of it. God says his word will not return void. He is working in each of our lives, both believer and nonbeliever alike. Non believers just do not know it yet.  The Prayer Path engages those people that drive by a church every day exactly where God has them on that day.  Do you think if the Holy Spirit convicts a person that he or she needs God, they perhaps would come to that church some Sunday?  How many out of the 30,000 to 100,000 people that go by a church each day might the Holy Spirit get to in that way?  As more new believers learn about stewardship, would their tithes and offerings help many struggling congregations?  That is of course over and above the fact that eternal destinies may be changed!
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