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Make the Bible come alive for your children on their playground with these exciting and colorful, interative, animated story panels.

Using the traditional memory enhancing game of locating and matching two identical images, each unique Prayground panel also actually tells the story of important Biblical teachings and events.

Designed to fit within standard playground equipment or as a standalone event, each series, excluding the Wordless Panel, is comprised of two each of nine different images creating a wonderful opportunity to teach and reinforce God's precious truths.

Imagine watching children recognizing and then teaching other children about Jesus Christ, or a childcare worker explaning the miracle of Jesus' feeding the 5,000. How about a Sunday school teacher explaining the parable of the lost sheep, or a vacation Bible school volunteer telling a child about God's rainbow promise to Noah. Why even older brothers and sisters can teach their younger siblings about Daniel, David and Moses, or a parent can explain to their child why Sarah turned into a pillar of salt.

Finally, the different names and traits of God can be taught like Jehovah Jirah (God will provide) and using the Wordless panel the saving grace of Jesus can be explained.

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