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The Legacy Baton

There was a time in this country when important enduring values were seamlessly handed off from one generation to another.   The most critical of timeless truths and beliefs, capable of sustaining individuals and families in times of adversity and trial, bonded one generation to another and yet another. 

Over the decades and centuries, unfortunately in the relay race of life, the baton of truth and values has been dropped  between successive generations.  Our country’s founding fathers as well as our own parents, grandparents, and great grandparents sacrificed much for succeeding generations.  A Legacy Baton commemorates the passing of these values from one generation to the next as well as encourages the recipient perhaps in times of their own trial and adversity to adhere and hold tight to these critical and timeless enduring principles. 

The Legacy Baton encourages its recipient in three ways.  First, a photograph of the giver and recipient immortalizes their relationship.  Second, the official relay race baton can be inscribed with one or more appropriate enduring inspirational  quotes, phrases or scriptures.  Finally, a handwritten note(s) of encouragement and appreciation can be inserted inside the baton.  Placed on the recipient’s desk, the Legacy Baton will always be there to encourage, inspire and lift them up.


  • Grandparents and Grandchildren            
  • Mentor and Mentee
  • Parents and Children                                       
  • Leader and Follower
  • Coaches and Athletes                                      
  • Pastors and Students
  • Scoutmasters and Scouts                               
  • Estate Planners and Clients


  • Marriages                                                           
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations                                                      
  • Birthdays
  • Special Events                                                  
  • Award Presentations
  • Promotions                                                       
  • Leadership Changes


Pricing: $49.00 for basic set and $ 8.00 per line of engraving.

You can have up to four lines engraved.

Size: 14 1/4" Wide x 6 1/2" Deep x 9 1/4" High


Number of Lines Engraved:

Engraving Text:


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