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Our Mission

Our Mission quite simply is utilizing our faith based products and services, we want to encourage and support individuals discover and develop a wonderful long lasting relationship with God. Read More

Our History

The genesis of Praygrounds ™ began in the mid 1990s. A friend and former President of the Charlotte Eagles professional Christian soccer club upon returning from an overseas mission trip saw me at the local YMCA.. Read More

Our Future Goals

Our immediate goal is with the help of interested individuals and organizations who we affectionally called Praygrounds™ and Prayer Path ™ Partners to install 1,000 Prayer Paths ™ and Praygrounds ™ worldwide. Read More

In today's high paced, 24/7 society, most of us would say we do not have enough time to accomplish all that we want to do. Often, we spend our time and energies on in Stephen Covey's parlance, the demanding, but non critical areas of our life at the expense of the less demanding, but more critical areas of our lives. Read More
Our Strategy
Our Organization

The Praygrounds ™ organization has been established as a ministry to develop and distribute products and services worldwide to bring glory to and further the Kingdom of God.
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Qualitative Benefits

According to one Duke University Study of 4,000 older adults, those who had even occasional private prayer and Bible study helped people live longer and healthier lives. More >

Our Funding

To fund the distribution of Prayer Paths ™ and Biblical panel Praygrounds ™, we intend to seek support in the following way. More >

Social Benefits

What is the financial cost to society from preventable things like crime, domestic violence, dysfunctional families, and poor personal decisions? More >
Future Development
In addition to creating and distributing the Prayer Path ™ and Biblical panel Praygrounds ™, we will seek to continue to develop and provide additional products and services. More >

For less than two cents per person on an annual basis, or as little as 2/10th of one cent over a decade, you can positively affect and change a life or perhaps even more somewhere in our world. More >
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