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You may not be aware of it, but in many communities in parts of the world, there are not any playgrounds. None in parks, none in schools, none in churches. Can you imagine placing a Prayground ™ at a church in one of these communities? Children of course and then their families would first of all be naturally attracted to the playground. Then between the local pastors and the Biblical panels, both the children and their families could learn about Jesus Christ, the path to salvation, and important Biblical stories and the lessons those stories teach. Since the Biblical Panels are almost all purely graphical, they are consequently naturally multi-lingual in nature, thus eliminating any language barrier. Graphics reinforce the stories which are then passed orally from teacher to student, parent to child, and even child to child. Additionally, pastors and missionaries of course can not be everywhere all of the time. The Holy Spirit however can be and is. As such, the Prayer Path ™ and Biblical Panels are ready to encourage and teach a person twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, whenever they walk by the signs or whenever they play on the playground. They make very effective tools to support the work of local pastors and missionaries.

Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19 said; Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. A small percentage of people are actually doing this either by being missionaries themselves or serving on Bible translation teams or of course other ministry efforts. However, the rest of us have a duty to participate as well. Even in our own communities, we can help obey this command by tithing our time, talents, treasure, and prayers to support this cause. The Prayer Path ™ and Biblical Panels are just two tools we can donate to those churches and communities where they can help achieve these goals. We estimate that with only 300 Prayer Paths ™ installed worldwide, over one half billion people (500,000,000) can have their lives positively affected in the next decade. That is simply one hundred users per day praying for themselves and just four other people, perhaps just family. Or it could be fifty users a day praying for nine other people; maybe family and neighbors or family and coworkers, or family and community leaders for example. Either way, with only 300 Prayer Paths ™ installed, that is a lot of prayers offered and a lot of people prayed for. Imagine if there were 3,000 Prayer Paths ™ installed around the world…

There also are indeed many hurting people in the world today. Some are in this country, while many more live throughout the world. They hurt for numerous reasons. Some have lost loved ones, others have health concerns either for themselves or a loved one, still others have relationship problems like broken marriages, estranged children, and dysfunctional families. Other people have financial issues, maybe even poverty, shelter, and hunger issues. Many people never have had a relationship with God and Jesus Christ while others perhaps had one once but have since walked away from God.

Add to this the complexity of today’s society. Things are more fast paced than they have ever been, with new gadgets constantly being invented to make us more productive in our daily tasks. We also have more choices than ever, as well as more leisure time, and more ways to spend our money. We also are bombarded with advertisements that encourage us to think that it is all about us, and we need all the latest and greatest clothes, cars, etc. We seem to have less patience, less tolerance towards others. With divorce now a common occurrence among both Christians and non Christians, commitments mean less and less.

Year after year, God is being taken out of our society. In spite of the fact that the United States was founded on Biblical values, and has been blessed perhaps like no other nation in the history of mankind. Yet as of today, we as a country are thumbing our noses at God by allowing prayer to be taken out of schools, the ten commandments has been taken out of court rooms, and the assault continues on with no end in sight. Interestingly, people in other less affluent countries seem to more receptive to establishing a relationship with God.

The bottom line is prayer in spiritual warfare is like the bullets in a holstered handgun in an earthly war. They may the best weapon there is for tough hand to hand combat to defeat the enemy. They are useless however if the gun is not taken out of the holster and fired. And the more the gun is aimed and fired, the more bullets find their targets and the more enemies you defeat. Leave it in its holster, and the enemy will win every time.

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